Would be nice to have this look all the time! You can get clear Strat pickguards but that's not practical, the point is, this thing needs shielding BAD, it almost drove me crazy.

Here you see why it needs help. That's the original, SMALL piece of foil shielding from 1974. Once the whole pickguard gets charged up this puppy does not help much at all.

Got the new foil tape onto the pickguard. Would be nice to have this look all the time too, but it's going on the underside.

The re-wired guts off to the side, cavities cleaned out from sawdust and what-not.

Now the cavities are shielded too, which will reduce the general single-coil noise. This wasn't a huge problem, but once you have it open...

Wiring back in, ready to screw the pickguard back on and play!